Social Media Contract

Inquire Within Social Media Contract

Inquire Within, INC. comes into a covenant with undersigned on this day to agree to a preliminary union for social media services in exchange for an outlined payment structure with an additional commission component based on the performance of the aforementioned party. The tenants of this agreement exist to protect both parties.Therefore, stated through our signatures on this proffer, we act through an agreed upon bond that may not be broken or breached with malintent or improper intention.. It is the intention of both parties to honor one another and to uphold the ongoing mission statement of Inquire Within, INC.

Our operation agrees to pay the undersigned $150.00 for every one thousand subscribers that she is responsible for cultivating on our youtube site and also through the active clicking on the follow button via  The initial payment will be made after the projected goal has been obtained. Payment for these services will be made immediately through google wallet or through a dedicated greendot debit account that will be provided by Ezekiel Gabay.

Moreover, the undersigned is also required to drive this same traffic to our monthly Kickstarter campaigns. The undersigned will be paid fifteen percent of every dollar amount that goes over the limit of the projected goal for each campaign through proof of service and connections to the backers that she drives to the kickstarter page. There will be one Kickstarter campaign per month to focus on at a time.

An additional covenant will then be added at the 1,000 person milestone. The undersigned will continue to receive $150.00 per every 1,000 subscribers and followers. Additionally, a commission structure will then be added to this agreement. The undersigned will receive five percent of all sales that they can prove have been acquired through the efforts at driving specific traffic and unique visitors to our sales outlets. This includes all merchandise, monetizing and services that Inquire Within, INC. offers to patrons both on the Internet and in real time. This commission structure will last for one year after we have met at the first milestone. An increase in commission benefits will then be negotiated between the parties at the end of the year and an appropriate amendment will then be added to this writ after both parties have agreed to the terms.

This contract acts as a performance based agreement and does not have a deadline or end date that must be honored other than after the milestone and payment agreement. The greendot or google wallet payment will be made every Friday after the projected goal has been obtained and campaigns are closed and fully backed.. This includes the commission structure.

The commission will be paid with the 1,000 person goal as one payment each time after the first objective has been met. If the payment is not made for any reason to the undersigned then Inquire Within, INC. agrees to surrender in a court of law without engaging in any further impedance of payment. Inquire Within, INC. will not argue this cause before the judiciary and agrees to any finding and judgment of the court for breaching any covenant with the undersigned. This writ acts as a testament and obligation to the practice and process that is due to the position therein. On our honor.

If either party comes into question then a grievance procedure may be filed for review before the committee. The grievance agendum is a two step process of review and consideration in an attempt to avoid civil court proceedings and acts as an alternative method of dispute resolution in order to avoid the impedance of the judicial process. However, either party has a legal right to bypass the grievance course within the company and file a formal complaint and petition in the district where the allegation resides. Either party has the right to challenge the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or relevance to this affiliation. Both parties agree to practice civility and respect at all times in business related matters and to respect state and federal statutes.

This agreement ensures that both parties are protected against the harmful effects resulting from the absence of ethical and moral standards that have perpetuated and jeopardized common business practices. Inquire Within, INC. will not engage in the destructive behavior of unprofessional commonalities in active business culture. The unified efforts of both parties will act to add value to each member and their lives in accordance with this contract. This agreement aids in the best interests of both parties at all times.

Inquire Within, INC. will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate this partnership and promises to abstain from all offensive personality and advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of Andrea Pack. This agreement is binding and may be amended through the proper discourse of both parties.

Proof of Service



________                                                    __________

Signed                                                                                        Notary Public

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