Kickstarter Wish List

American Spirit
Rift – The Movie
Opera House Tours
Inquire Within Workspace
The Why Project
The Four Person Bible Round Table
The Phish Pin Album Series
The Honey Bee Thing – Self Extracting
Foster Parent Doc
Screen Printing Equipment
Vinyl Cutter and Printer
America’s Latest Addiction Video
Shirt Making Printer
Maker Bot
Laser Etcher
The Mud People
Spunion Joke Book
The Library of Tools
The Waylon Project – Father’s Rights
The Iris Project – Father’s Rights
The Neil Project – Father’s Rights
The Music Library
On My Soul – Short Act – Staring X – Light V. Dark
The Game Room Museum
The D. Bag Quarterly
Scallop Farm
The Yoda Merch Club
The Franklin Files – Type III Diabetes Mystery Novel
Moon rep line of clothing
The jailing cook book
Kodak Picture Spot/ Scenic Spot style campaign
Jenga style game with engraved art & weighted pieces
The reality mirror
HBO Brain Games style series
Winter Tourism Map From Chicago to Gills Rock
Ms. Roosevelt Installation
Speaker of the blouse – A political fairy tale
Gangster short about an Italian killed by a Muslin – Son perspective
How to become a long term thinker
Things people who try to hard to be different say
Bros No. A publication for guys that don’t get along with other guys
The Why Project $1.00 scenario vs. one loose and one stuck quarter.
D.C. Chopped Competition
Beer Cap Map expansion
Spades pin
Father of the year pot leaf series
Banjo & Accordion festival
Sauerkraut Festival
Maritime Music Festival
The Candidate – He wants her – She wants him – They both want the presidency. It was a candid date.


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