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Inquire Within, INC. is a multimedia production company on the western coast of Lake Michigan with anchor points in Chicago and Sturgeon Bay. Our intent is all for your delight! We have two exclusive openings in our M.C. Grass Clippings crew and we need you! It’s true! A desire to travel is a must. Do you want your own company car? Read on!

We are launching a new office in Sturgeon Bay and we are looking for two young production assistants to work on a three month contract with M.C. Grass Clippings. This position involves travelling the western coast of the lake into these regions for four consecutive days every other week. Monday-Thursday you will be on the road every other week in your own company vehicle provided by Inquire within, INC. All expenses are paid while you are on the road. This is 24 days of work spread out over the course of three months. This contract position pays $1,200.00 plus additional bonuses and commissions based on performance. Candidates must be outgoing, driven and able to work in both group and individual dynamics. Flexibility is mandatory.

Some of your responsibilities will include driving the M.C. to events and assisting with the documentary about the tour, hanging out with bands, managing a merchandise table with other team members at various concerts and other establishments, free pre-scheduled dinners and meetings with entertainers and event staff, merchandise modeling, social media branding, scheduling after hour parties, simple multimedia tasks, basic data entry, crowd funding support, light phone work, leisurely hot spotting locations for the M.C. along the tour, general and light venue strikes, shopping, meeting new people and too much fun too mention in the advertisement. Does it sound like a lot of work? We will train you! All expenses are paid while you are on the road and there are a ton of perks.

Qualifications include a valid license, excellent driving record, high school diploma or higher, a thirst to see the cities and small towns that make our coast the best coast, drive, a desire to learn the business, a brief resume or example of work history, a head shot and the ability to complete a three day training period in Door County before the tour begins over the course of a weekend. Feel free to tell us about yourself in your reply. Space is limited and we are taking applications and conducting interviews daily. Don’t delay. Training begins in Door County shortly.

Candidates who successfully complete this contract position will be offered a six month contract at the end of the first tour with a larger pay scale.

Contact us today to schedule an Interview by calling 1-920-495-1165

 Ask for Ezekiel Gabay

“M.C. grass Clippings is a colloidal suspension of haze.” -Tyler Payton

“You know it will def drop when Clippings comes to Chicago.” -D.J. Tetris

“Seeing him is like eating an Advent calendar in one day.” -Rev. Hurton

“John Stewart did not retire. He is on M.C. Grass Clippings tour.” -Frank

“No need to play video games. M.C. Grass Clippings is one!” -D.J. L. Rio

“I was in Sheboygan, but boy it sure felt like heaven! More please!” -Anon

“I hear that he is only half Jewish. Is it the important half?” -John Stewart

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